Our Technology

Our work is driven by the needs of pathologists in the National Health Service (UK), who have identified current shortfalls and bottlenecks in diagnostic practice.

Although the existing point-of-care testing (POCT) kits have resolved some conventional problems, they have not had a great impact in most clinical testing. Our new technology would circumvent many current problems through miniaturisation, enabling an economical, portable analyser to be used 'by the bedside'.

Our technology utilizes microfluidic processes and electrochemistry to offer rapid and reliable test results for a better patient intervention. We are developing a novel blood-testing technology that promises to improve healthcare treatments for cancer patients, post-operative care and monitoring the health of babies in the womb. The new small-scale technology would rapidly measure blood characteristics to monitor for sepsis or toxins.

The device does this by taking single drop of blood and providing rapid chemical analysis in a minute. This quick processing of samples enables medical staff to quickly adjust treatments in response to the improved data, speeding patient recovery and ultimately saving healthcare costs. By bringing blood diagnostics closer to the patient, there is also the additional benefit of reduced risk of contamination.