Our Technology

Our work is driven by the unmet needs of pathologists in the National Health Service (UK), who have identified current shortfalls and bottlenecks in diagnostic practiceworldwide.
Although the existing point-of-care testing (POCT) kits have resolved a few conventional problems, they have not had a great impact in most clinical testing which is our focus. Our first initiatives lie in the management of critically ill patients, particularly those with sepsis, cancer, myocardial infarction and chronic kidney disease.
Our technology utilizes microfluidic processes and electroanalytical and immunochemical methods to offer rapid and reliable test results for a better patient intervention. The new technology would circumvent many current problems through miniaturisation, enabling an economical, portable analyser to be used 'by the bedside'.By bringing blood diagnostics closer to the patient, there is also the additional benefit of reduced risk of contamination.
Our product consists of two components: a custom designed electronic reader and test cartridge. The test cartridge is designed for finger prick or whole blood sample. The device takes single drop of blood and provides rapid chemical analysis in minutes.This quick processing of samples enables medical staff to quickly adjust treatments in response to the improved data, speeding patient recovery and ultimately saving healthcare costs. 
The electronic reader consists of a memory chip and a bluetooth. We are linking our testing device to the custom mobile apps and computer programmes for the electronic transmission of the test results. Our apps with features like a well-structured memory function can sort and give out data in the form of graphs or other more usable forms to individual users.
The technology, its ease of use and the potential for electronic transmission of results will also go a long way in empowering patients to take charge of their own conditions, avoiding the need for frequent clinic attendances and hospitalisations.