Through our technology, we aim to empower patients and doctors equally.  From a clinical perspective, it is evident that our technology will have enormously valuable applications in point-of-care testing, both in hospital and the community, for a range of parameters. In the same way that real-time monitoring of physiological parameters has had a profound effect on clinical practice, monitoring and trend analysis of chemical parameters could also fundamentally change the way clinicians practice medicine, raising the cost-effectiveness of interventions and improving patient outcomes. Beyond the application in diagnostic testing and monitoring, we will also explore the tantalising potential for fundamental research into disease processes and homeostatic adaptation, and the interventions that might modify them.

Our devices are being designed to be adaptable for use also at home; they may avoid the need for patients to attend hospital. Patients can have the device in their home; it is easy to use, so that they can read the results and discuss them by phone or email with a doctor or nurse. Once established, this can save millions of pounds spent at present managing and treating hospital acquired infections. With our offerings and their widespread use, we aim to cross geographies and business sectors to positively affect people’s lives.