Our Dairy

Bailrigg Diagnostics Ltd (formerly ‘eBiogen Ltd)’ was formed in 2012 but the company is active from February 2015. We conceptualised a medical diagnostic platform based on our research in micro-biofluidics. We then completed the proof-of-market (worldwide) through participation in some leading business competitions. We then worked with medical professionals (in clinical biochemistry, microbiology and intensive treatment units) in the National Health Service (NHS, UK) to validate our technology for clinical applications and to identify the technical shortfalls and bottlenecks in the current medical diagnostic practice. We won a grant from a major UK government agency which was co-funded by eBiogen to complete the proof-of-concept (PoC) for our technology. After the successful PoC stage, we won another grant to complete the prototype development and testing, including clinical testing. We then obtained the required ethical paperwork before Human Blood Testing. The clinical testing is underway with encouraging test results and we are now starting the regulatory paperwork before we proceed to market. Our first product is readying towards market while the feasibility studies for the second product is on-going.

Our unique feature is the close links and networks developed between academics and clinical end-users at all stages of product development, from concept to marketing. This ensures that our products are useful in the modern health care environment.

Healthcare industry is our current target market but additional future potential applications for the technology could include environmental monitoring and food security.