Our Offering

Current problems and our solutions 

Doctors cannot offer prescription immediately at the start of a patient’s visit. They have to wait for test results that can rarely be done on site since the samples are sent to remote labs. Delayed prescription might have adverse impact on the patient’s health condition.

Our test results in the doctors clinics will expedite the treatment process and materially improve clinical care. You will have the test results while patient is in the clinic resulting an efficient clinical decision making.

Patients when go to a doctor’s office, the samples are sent to remote labs for testing engendering delays. The original treatment prescription is not ready until the test results are back.

Through our device, the test results can be obtained in minute and your doctor can do the prescription during your visit to the clinic. You don’t need to wait/ worry about your test results. In fact our solution will help you make decisions jointly with doctors towards the treatment procedure.