Products Pipeline

Our device consists of two components:

The test cartridge
The test cartridge uses novel biosensors and is designed for a finger prick or whole blood sample.

The handheld reader
The reader takes the signal from the cartridge and interprets it as a numerical value. The reader also has considerable data processing capacity. This supports decision making apps and trending of results

Our novel device will deliver genuine bedside results, offering the potential to save lives and improve healthcare treatment.

Products for Sports Medicine
Our blood lactate device can be used by sports medicine professionals to evaluate physical performance and to establish optimum training regimens for athletes.

We are developing a test panel with lactate and other relevant sports tests to better manage the training for athletes.

Products for Medical Diagnostics
We focus on developing the blood tests where bringing the results closer to patients signi´Čücantly improve the clinical care.

Our device is ideal for acute hospitals, GP surgeries/community centres, sports clinics, and for home testing.