Our Technology

Our patent protected platform combines microfluidic processes, electroanalytical and immunochemical sensors, with the output read and interpreted by a handheld reader. This miniaturisation offers quantitative, near patient results. Software in the reader can be developed to support management algorithms and permit data exchange with external systems. The test results are wirelessly transmitted to our custom apps and to the medical records
We believe our technology is novel in the following respects:

  • Rapidity – results available within minutes.
  • Small sample volume – a single drop of blood.
  • Quantitative results.
  • Multiple tests simultaneously – possibility of system and disease profiles.
  • Portability – genuinely bedside.
  • Ease of use – undemanding training requirements.
  • Data and information exchange with external systems.
  • Inbuilt quality control.

Some existing platforms offer one or a few of these features but none combines them all.